The popular restaurant U Sadlu has set up another location in Vinohrady.

Those that are used to the location off Namesti Republiky might be a little disappointed in the decor as it lacks the stained glass windows and attention to decorative detail that its initial location offers.

The new place feels more like a business venture than a bacchanalian dungeon and that’s unfortunate. But they have transplanted the eccentric and bold menu.

My favorite category makes an allusion to apocalyptic meat, which, with the current dual crisis of Mad Cow and Foot and Mouth ravaging the continent, might make people who are afraid of brain diseases a bit squeamish.

But you can feast like a medieval knight on all sorts of game, enjoy some of the city’s best utopenec and sample funky salads laden with pork fat and egg. The surly waiters are excusable due to their quickness in retrieving fistfuls of well-poured Budvar.

After you’ve indulged to excess you can continue on your path to Dionysian fulfillment at Le Clan just up the street.

Balbinova 22, Praha 1, Tram 11,

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