We all need a break sometimes so when it comes to your next holiday where will you go? For many of us the idea of a cruise wouldn’t enter our thoughts. However, with the latest innovations in cruising and the huge savings on offer, a holiday on board is looking better than ever. From misconceptions that a cruise is designed for old people or that it’s a sure fire way to get sea sick, cruising has been reinvented as the next big travel trend. Comfort, style and freedom on your own personal slice of the ocean. Still think cruising can’t measure up? Think again, because that ship has sailed.

When it comes to your next travel destination the underlying issue is always cost. Getting the most out of your money is vital and with the US Dollar continuing to challenge Aussie travellers it’s a better time than ever to ditch the expensive flight and hotel packages and look at the wide range of cruise options.

When looking at your cruising options it is important to start by busting the two major myths, firstly that you will get sea sick and secondly that cruising is for old people. Gordy Bayne, Head of Travel at Scoopon, sums up the sickness myth by encouraging people to remember, “You are on holiday on a ship not a boat. You’ll find a Cruise ship very stable with minimal movement, it is surprising even for someone like me who suffered from chronic sea sickness”.

In terms of the demographic of travellers it is the younger generations who are making the most of the incredible cruising options becoming available. The presence of specialty restaurants on board cater for the most fussy of kids and with meals included in your cruise as well as fantastic entertainment available on-board, it’s the ultimate new trend for those looking to see the world from a whole new perspective.

As a key industry figure, Bayne recommends Princess Cruises, with their Mediterranean route highly regarded – an idyllic escape through the Greek Islands and Turkey, a different port every day with your own front yard ocean real estate to be surveyed on your private balcony. With cheaper options like P&O’s 3 day food and wine cruise on one end of the scale, to the ultimate luxury of the three Queen Cruise liners – Victoria, Mary and Elizabeth, there is something for every budget and every traveller. With the cruise industry booming there are new itineraries and ports of call being added all the time so whether you’re looking to hit the seas for the first time or an experience cruiser, there is always something new to see.

Imagine the thrill of travelling to new and exotic destinations while you sleep, sampling different cultures with the knowledge your private cabin awaits you anytime. It’s the best of both worlds and an experience unmatched by any other form of travel.

So when your next vacation rolls around. Leave the status quo behind and embrace something new. With excellent value for money, a safe environment for you and your family and exceptional levels of service, Cruising is the next big thing.


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