Undoubtedly, business and poker are strongly connected with each other, since these two spheres have lots of things in common. For example, people, who start entrepreneurship in early years very often become successful poker players.

Many people wonder why and how does this happen? Well, everything is simple – various actions that are learned while running a business greatly help to receive specific skills and experience that can be and should be used when playing poker. For instance, it teaches to read other players sitting around the table, understand or even predict their next steps, see bluffs, etc. All this reminds hard work in an office that is always full of meetings with executives, managers, and other people, doesn’t it?


How does poker helps in business: pros


  • Be patient and calmevery single day, hundreds of new startups are founded yet not all of them become successful. In order to reach a goal, it is important to learn endurance and be capable of dealing with everyday pressure. The more focused you are, the more chances you have to succeed. The same thing can be said about poker game that includes many people, which constantly change but in the end only one wins. And it doesn’t matter whether you play online or in a traditional casino, the most significant is to find the right one reading reviews and feedbacks, e.g. mr. green casino review;
  • Loss & Gain – risk is the main factor that should be taken into account when playing poker as well as running a business. There is no need to risk when adrenaline is there, it is way better to take risk when everything is in your favor;
  • Sell – sitting around the table with other poker players, one clearly knows what some people want, what others are ready hear, etc. The same situation is in business when having negotiations. All the parties should be satisfied;
  • Learn to read people – this factor is very important if you want to inspire people to work towards the same idea. For this, it is necessary to understand people’s psychology and act as a consequence;
  • Be professional – in both spheres there are people, who act wisely using all knowledge, experience, and skills. Whereas, there are those, who just “gamble” trying their luck and as a result lose in most cases;
  • Accept wins and losses – the best thing is to believe in yourself. Only in this way, it is possible to win. Nevertheless, sometimes it happens that all the steps are right, and a person loses. There is absolutely no need to get upset and leave everything. Pull yourself together and start again;


How does poker helps in business: cons


  • No second chances – poker is all about bluffing and lying and if you a good at it, then it is great, but not for business. If you have lied once in business, you wouldn’t be given a second chance;
  • Either play poker or run a business – there is only one winner in poker. Whereas businesses always gather for meetings discussing possible work together, etc. So, if you can’t separate these two things and wish to win all the time, you’d better keep only playing;


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