If you have already been won over by the idea of using Bitcoin, then you probably like the idea of using it when you travel abroad. After all, isn’t one of the huge benefits of this digital currency the fact that it removes borders and middlemen when you want to send money to someone anywhere on the planet?

Well, the truth is that you may be a little disappointed when you see that you can’t use your Bitcoin funds as freely as you would like around the world. So, where are the best countries to splash out on something special with this cryptocurrency, or at least to get the satisfaction of using it to buy something from a store of coffee shop?

It is worth remembering that it is still generally easier to spend Bitcoin online than in physical stores. Indeed, you can use them at Overstock or Microsoft and to buy your Virgin flights, as well as to play Minecraft or to play a range of casino games at Bitcasino.io, which in fact is an online casino that only accepts Bitcoins. However, having said that, the following are some of the countries where you can open your virtual wallet with confidence.



The Land of the Rising Sun is regarded as one of the most Bitcoin-friendly countries on the planet. For a start, the currency is fully legal here, meaning that people use it freely. There have even been reports of the GMO Internet Group, based in Tokyo, starting to pay part of their employee’s salaries in this currency.

Exact figures are difficult to find but it has been suggested that about 5,000 businesses in the country now accept this payment method. Companies that have started accepting Bitcoin payments in 2017 include the Megane Super eyeglass stores and the department store chain Marui.

Perhaps of more interest to the adventurous tourist is the fact that some of the country’s famous capsule hotels also now accept Bitcoin payments. These include the luxury Anshin Oyado Hotel in Tokyo and the Comics & Capsule Hotel Comicap in Kyoto, which are terrific bases for sampling some authentic Japanese culture in this exotic, fascinating Asian country.


This European country is another place where Bitcoin use is fully legal and regulated now. This means that you can go out and look for places to spend your digital currency without fear.

If you are out exploring the delights of Berlin then you can pay in Bitcoin at the likes of the Leuchtstoff coffee shop, Room 77 restaurant and Tricky Tunes music store. If you are in Munich for Oktoberfest or to check out the Linderhof Palace then you can get a drink or something to eat in some of the city’s many great bars and restaurants.  

Of course, this country is packed with beautiful cathedrals, picturesque towns and wonderful festivals. This means that you should have a fantastic time in Germany even if spending your digital currency is a little bit tougher than you had expected it to be here.

The US

Given that there are believed to be more people holding Bitcoin wallets in the States than anywhere else, it may come as a surprise to see that spending it out in a store or restaurant still isn’t all that easy. Having said that, the number of businesses that accept this cryptocurrency is growing over time.

Of course, the US Bitcoin scene has come a long way since a user once famously paid out 10,000 BTC to order a couple of pizzas. Those pizzas would be worth millions at today’s rates but there is now a better selection of places to spend than there was back then. For example, San Francisco has a decent number of Bitcoin restaurants such as Curry Up Now, Ocean Beach Deli and Bamboo Asia.

If you plan a trip to the Big Apple then you might be surprised to see that relatively few companies here seem interested in accepting your virtual coins. Perhaps this is simply because not many people want to hand over their valuable currency right now. Places like Melt Bakery, Lean Crust Pizza and Piccola Venezia are among the options for turning your Bitcoin collection into something you can sink your teeth into.

The Netherlands

One of the most forward-thinking countries when it comes to Bitcoin, the Netherlands has a thriving cryptocurrency community with a number of startups based here and even a “Bitcoin Embassy” in Amsterdam.

The currency isn’t fully regulated here but that hasn’t stopped the Dutch from falling in love with Bitcoin. The heart of the crypto scene is the so-called Bitcoin City in Arnhem. This may very well be the best place in the world to spend the virtual coins, as over a hundred Bitcoin merchants offering all sorts of services are based here.

South Korea

Many people automatically think of South Korea as Bitcoin heaven, since a large percentage of the overall global trading is carried out here. The truth is a bit more complex though, especially since the government recently announced a crackdown on the currency, with the possibility of it being banned altogether.

Yet, there are places here where you can go shopping crazy with the contents of your virtual wallet. For example, the owners of the massive Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center – known as the Goto Center – recently confirmed that all of its 620 stores will soon accept the currency.



The Nordic countries are all among the global leaders in terms of accepting Bitcoin. Finland may be the most forward-looking of all, as their central bank reported positively on the possible benefits of the currency earlier in 2017.

There are reported to be at least 10 bitcoin ATMs in the capital city, Helsinki. This is a great place for seeing the natural beauty of the country, having a sauna or perhaps even using as a base for travelling further north and getting a glimpse of those legendary Northern Lights.

You can also spend your coins at the Månsteri Store and BTC Trinkets among other places. You may also remember the story from a while ago about the most expensive Bitcoin luxury car sale taking place here when a Tesla Model S was bought using the currency.

Like the other places we have looked at, it isn’t something you can use everywhere but when you know where to look it is possible to use your Bitcoin funds for a number of different things while you travel.александр лобановский харьков класспрокат насоса для откачки грязной водысоздание и продвижение landing pageцифровые видеокамерыноутбуки онлайнoltatravelвлажное нанесение теней видео