Budapest is known for many things, but often, the food gets lost in the shuffle.  In this article, we’ll share several of our favourite establishments in this incredible Central European city.

1) Caviar & Bull

If it is fine dining you seek while in Budapest, look no further than the Caviar & Bull. Serving some of the best seafood dishes in the city, regular diners come here to indulge in its expertly prepared sea bass, lobster, and caviar.

If surf dishes aren’t your cup of tea, no worries, as this Michelin star restaurant is also well-known for its duck. Having a tough time figuring out what to order, try the degustation menu, as it will take you on a wonderful culinary journey through some of the best food you’ll have in a long time.

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2) Comme Chez Soi

Don’t let the French name fool you – Comme Chez Soi is one of the best places in Budapest to get a high-quality Italian food. Those not looking to blow through all the money in their wallet will be pleased with this establishment, as prices are an excellent value relative to the amazing meals created in this restaurant.

There are various pasta dishes (including those made with gluten-free noodles) available, but Comme Chez Soi is also known for its goose liver, escargot, parma ham, and steak, giving foodies of all stripes plenty of options to choose from.

Note that this is a small establishment, making it advisable to make reservations well in advance before attempting to dine here.

3) Local Korner

Looking for a cheap and cheerful place for a quick and delicious lunch, or for eats after drinking more than your share of beer at a ruin pub? Pop by Local Korner, as it is adored by local residents. For a small amount of Hungarian currency, you can have a tasty pizza made for you with fresh ingredients for that price.

They also stock plenty of local craft beer that will prove to be the perfect accompaniment to your meal, so be sure to opt for them over the usual mass market products – you’ll be glad you did!

4) Bors GasztroBar

More into sandwiches when lunch rolls around? Mark Bors GaztroBar on your map before leaving the hotel. A street food eatery known for its fresh baguette bread and hearty soups, you’ll be in heaven from the first taste of this humble eatery.

You may have to wait a while to get your food at peak times, but trust us – it’s worth it.  чугунная посуда вредBioProcess International China 2014купи всем интернет магазинmalibuclub