Whether it’s food, music, sport or fashion, Miami has an event to please your curiosity. It’s always nice when your holiday can be planned during an event, and in Miami’s case springtime seems to be the best time of year to have your trip coincide with some happening or another. For those of you planning on coming to Miami during an event make sure to book a hostel at HostelBookers.com early so that you can get a room at a joint close to where you’ll want to be. You never can be too careful about booking early. So read on to discover a few of the events that might make your trip all the better.


Winter Music Conference


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This off-putting title holds a secret. This is the best time to go clubbing in Miami. Already known for its mega clubs and the variety of music that the city’s scene offers visitors, the Winter Music Conference brings to Miami the big names in electronic music and club DJs. There are even seminars given by the successful if you’re curious about the industry, but mainly you’ll want to profit from South Beach’s sudden invasion by electronic music artists in March.


South Beach Wine and Food Festival


There is good wine and good food in any metropolis these days, but rarely do you find a multi-venue event of such caliber in such close proximity. This festival takes place in February and it’s put on by the Food Network and Food & Wine Magazine. You can expect the big names of the food world to show up, because many top and local chefs are called upon to host parties and to demonstrate their prowess for audiences. You have to book tickets early, which can range from cheap to harrowing; but don’t fret; the money goes to help out the Hospitality Program at Florida International University.


Carnaval Miami

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Little Havana aptly plays host to Carnaval in Miami. You can blame or thank the Kiwanis club for putting on these ten events that are held over a course of ten days in February and March, depending on the year. You’ll probably be thanking the club for the food, music, sport and gastronomic competitions, and especially for the Latin jazz that marks a very Latino note on a Latino score. Carnaval is a rocking party.


Calle Ocho


Running off the same vein as Carnaval is Calle Ocho, which in fact takes place on one of Carnaval’s ten days and can be said to be a part of it. It deserves dedicated mention because it’s quite a huge block party, essentially, that brings Miami’s Hispanic character to bear. It takes place on the street of the same name, and it is a must-partake if you’re in Miami in March.


FedEx Orange Bowl Football Game


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If you’re not familiar with college football, this is a great event to become so. It might be hard to book a ticket to the game itself, but you can expect plenty of localities in Miami to be prepped and ready to receive game day revelers. Part of the BCS, the Orange Bowl is a championship game, sometimes the championship since the college bowls run on a yearly circuit and sometimes the crown falls on the Orange Bowl. Anyway, it is a great way to see some American football and to feel how Miami reacts.


There are countless other events to enjoy in Miami, and March is by far the best month to see multiple festivals such as the Ultra Music Festival and Miami’s Fashion Week. But you’re set for now with what we’ve listed here, and if it’s still not enough, you can always go on sabbatical.

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