As soon as you walk into this store, the harem of scents that caresses your nose lets you know that this could be the only stop you need make for every sister, mother and girlfriend on your list.

Almost everything in the store, from the cakes of sweet smelling soap (110g for 88Kc), the range of marmalades and sauces (100-250Kc), to the beautiful sheets of natural paper (just 13Kc for a large sheet), is made from all natural materials and methods on a farm in the Czech countryside.

The prices in this store are gross understatements of the quality of the goods, the presentation, the wide selection of merchandise, and the overall comfort of the shopping experience.

If you find bee’s wax candles and potpourri a bit tame, perhaps try some of the scented oils, or even some of the Ylang Ylang aphrodisiac for a mere 240Kc.

Several locations, our favourite is the original: Týnský dvůr 3, 110 00 Prague 1, Tel: +420 224 895 446, Open: Open daily 10-7

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