The first place I was taken for work was Radost FX, a night club/art gallery/cafe. After the meeting I casually looked over the menu and was immediately furious that I had already eaten! It’s what every vegetarian hopes for; a creative, wholesome menu prepared with generous seasoning.

I vowed to eat there every chance I got.I returned to Radost that very night and started with the Lebanese Cheese Spread. Though there was very little cheese involved, it was nice nonetheless. What it should have been called is marinara, as the description states, with a few balls of Lebanese cheese rolled in cracked pepper dropped in the sauce. My second course was Popeye, a veggie burger I was looking forward to made of spinach, hazelnuts, garlic and cheese.

Yes! You may request it smothered in cheese and sauteed mushrooms, or with veggies and sour cream. I recommend the latter since I’m told the Czechs often do not put sauce on their burgers and it can be a bit dry. Small price to pay for this delicious experience.

Next stop: Godvinda. I was looking forward to this Hare Krishna joint since I used to eat at both their Temple in New Orleans as well as the restaurant in Los Angeles. They have a daily menu and that day I had a main dish of potatoes and leeks with rice, carrot salad with raisons and yogurt, potato pancake with chutney, and vegetable soup.

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The presentation is sloppy and prison-like, but the food was pretty good and plentiful. The value was excellent as well (100Kc). The only drawback was that the man serving me was really rude, but I found this irony rather amusing. Ohm…

A few days later, I wondered into Lotos. I was immediately stricken with the pain of New Age music and the decor of an 80’s strip mall. I would not be detoured. The waitress spoke English, but could not recommend anything on the menu. I later found out that most restaurant workers do not receive and employee discount and few can afford to eat in their own place of work.

Don’t the owners of these establishments realize that food servers should be familiar with the menu? Not to mention that feeding their employees is the least they can do. Well, anyway… I ordered the squash soup (32Kc) with toasted breadcrumbs and what arrived was what was promised. A hot, thick, well flavored soup that instantly warmed me from my hike in the snow.

The next dish was Serbian Risotto (87Kc). I have no idea if the Serbians eat risotto, or how they may prepare it, but who cares? It was delicious. A perfect portion of rice, mushrooms, green onions, and Roma tomatoes smothered in melted cheese. More please.

For dinner that night, it was off to Country Life. I did not know it was a cafeteria, yipes! And everything was in Czech, double yipes! However, the one dish I could identify, roasted potatoes, was translated. Thank goodness. But, since I’m not picky, it didn’t matter. I do not discriminate against any food, only meat.

So, I started serving myself a tray of food that included, potatoes with parsley, a tofu goulash, a chick pea casserole with carrots and a grainy rice burger with gravy.The vegetable soup, though chunky with carrots, green beans and potatoes was very bland. Whatever the name of the other stuff was, it was good and even better that the price for two meals was a whopping 198Kc! The only thing I didn’t like about the place is how quiet it was.

As if we were in school and not allowed to talk. It was a bit depressing. But, I’m willing to put up with that to once again visit the only restaurant I’ve found that serves free water that’s not from the tap. I also advise you to skip the torturous looking chairs in the front and head toward the back.

I don’t think I’ll have much trouble eating here. At least not nearly as much as I thought I would encounter. The only time I’ve run into trouble is when I’ve attempted to order meatless food at places that are not strictly vegetarian.I ordered a vegetarian pizza from Pizza Go Home and received the Hawaiian. Oops.

The other mistake was unknowingly ordering a salad at The Globe that arrived with bacon on it. When I asked the waitress if she would please exchange it, she said “No, you ordered it, you pay for it.” Harsh. It was my fault, though. Oh well, I guess the important thing to remember is “Bez masa.” (without meat).

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