Prague is one of the most beautiful cities that you will visit. Thousands of people from the UK flock there each year; check out Travelbag if you’re looking for a good deal on your flight to prague. There are plenty of things to do in this fairytale city, so many historical sights to visit, and now so much food to enjoy. The city has changed it’s image from a culinary backwater to being a culinary delight! But before you eat the food you have to build up an appetite, here is a list of our must see places in Prague:

1) The Jewish Quarter

Here you can explore the remains of prague’s old Jewish ghetto. There’s so much history here, if you have the time then you definitely pay a visit to the Old Jewish cemetery. The cemetery has now become the oldest remaining cemetery in Europe, it is a harsh reminder of the past – people were buried on top of each due to the lack of space for the bodies. An estimated 100,000 people were buried in the cemetery, you really have to go there to understand and get a feeling for what took lace. Yes, it’s not an uplifting outing but it does give us an insight into something we have studies but yet know little about.

2) Prague Castle

This castle is phenomenal, it is the biggest ancient castle on the planet. It was contracted back in the ninth century, it was first made of wood but is now an imposing stone fortress. One of the best features about the castle is that each ruler extended it, this means that many of the parts you will see are from different times in history which means there are a variety of styles. Be sure to visit the St. Vitus Cathedral which is inside the castle.

3) Charles Bridge 

This bridge is named after King Charles IV, he started to build the bridge in the 14th century. It is an amazing sight, it is always full of artist, travellers and market stalls. It has many ‘claims to fame’; it featured in Mission Impossible and more recently in  Mr Kanye West music video.

4) The National Theatre


This is an important building in Prague, it represents the Czech people’s fight for independence. It was the people of Prague that brought this building in to existence, they gave the donations for it to be built. Tin 1881 there was a fire that ripped through the theatre causing huge amounts of damage, it was seen as a national disaster. But, within 47 days enough money had been donated for the theatre to be restored back to way it was. 


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