If old, rare and strange sounds like a description of your friends’ tastes, by all means come here, but be ready to bust out the wallet.

This small shop has two stores next to each other behind the Tyn Church, the one in the passage being more organized and arranged, and the smaller outside staying true to the name.

This is a great place to find old pictures, antique telephones, heads of Stalin (250Kc), globes, old chess sets, religious kitsch, purses from the twenties, and more. There really seems to be no bottom to this pit of the forgotten and cast-away.

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They have a small but interesting collection of old working cameras, ranging from 2500Kc for a 35mm, to 36,000Kc for an antique accordion style large format camera, which isn’t actually large format because it takes small format film.

If however, you’re looking to get out of there with your pants still on, the shot glasses are cheap, and you can cop a Good Soldier Svejk doll for just 150Kc.

Tynska 7, Prague 1, Tel: +420 2232 6484

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