This place is perfect for buying gifts for relatives who want something essentially, perhaps stereotypically, Czech.

If any of your relatives persist in the belief that the Czech Republic is a quaint provincial country, which I guess isn’t that far off the mark, try buying them some of the homespun ceramics or wooden kitchen utensils from as low as 80Kc (less than a McMeal) to 310Kc.

Also, if just aren’t too sure about your child’s plaintive request for the latest Johnny-Death-Killbot action figure, there is a wide selection of wooden toys to choose from: yo-yo’s 43Kc, mice 66Kc, painted eggs 54Kc, birds 175Kc.

They also offer intricately designed ginger cookies, small ones for around 55Kc, larger ones for 315Kc, but the detail and care in the design will probably prevent anyone from ever eating them. Wicker baskets for 265Kc, pillows for 420Kc, hand-made 100% wool blankets for 2575Kc. If it’s countrified, simple, and condescendingly Czech, you’ll find it here.

Multiple locations: Melantrichova 17, Karlova 26, Mostecká 126/17, Železná 3, Nerudova 31, Zlatá ulička/Golden Lane 16 (Prague Castle), Ruzyně Airport. Directions: Melantrichova and Železná locations – metro A/B to Můstek or metro A to Staroměstská, Karlova location – metro A to Staroměstská, Mostecká and Nerudova locations – tram 12, 20, 22 or 23 to Malostranské náměstí, Zlatá ulička/Golden Lane location – metro A to Malostranská (climb the Old Castle Steps) or tram 22 or 23 to Pražský hrad

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