Looking for some music for your holiday party? CD Bazaar is the perfect place to pick up some inexpensive music to ring in the new year.

Prices hover around 250 Kc for a used CD, and if you trade in that Milli Vanilli CD you got as a present in middle school, you can get 1/2 price off of the purchase of something much more danceable.

If you have a friend back home who simply won’t believe you when you tell him/her that people really do listen to David Hasselhoff over here, you can pick up a copy of his self-titled Album “David” and take it home as proof for just 199Kc.

The cover alone is worth the price.

They have everything organized in sections, so it’s easier to find your favorite music, including Punk and Hardcore, plus a Hip-Hop and soul section.

The prices are right and the selection is bountiful, just in case you’re interested in buying some music that you, or someone else, just might actually listen to.

Krakovská 4, 110 00 Praha 1, +420 602 313 730 www.cdkrakovska.cz

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