A cute knick-knack shop in Mala Strana where you can find wooden puzzles.

For 290Kc, get some cute miniature wooden mice (wait… miniature mice?), honey candles for 65Kc, and so on into cuteness ad infinitum.

The best opportunities at this store are the natural paper writing books, which can be had for 70Kc, or 95Kc for a hardback, and the linden and chamomile natural shampoo for 105Kc.

This store is good for the people for whom you don’t know what to buy, because all items are as unrelated as the name suggests, but each as gift-able and wrap-able as you please. This would be a good stop for small children, as they do have a fine collection of wooden toys, including a magnet theatre that kept me entertained endlessly, and without the aid of squirting blood or 64 bits.

Objects, U lužického semináře 112/19, 118 00 Prague 1, Tel: +420 2 5731 8056 Metro: Malá Strana, Czech Republic,

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