Don’t let the small customer space at the Bakeshop fool you.

The actual kitchen is quite large and well equipped, serving up the best takeaway sandwiches, cakes, and other assorted gourmet foods in town. Their chicken sandwich with ginger/peanut sauce and served on French bread, topped off with a brownie or two, is premiere lunching without question.

They do offer other sandwiches, avocado with cream cheese and tomato with pesto, that I have enjoyed, but the chicken sandwich is unquestionably the choice to make.

A wide variety of salads and other vegetarian fare is offered, and I’m sure its good, but after my first chicken sandwich, I ventured no further amongst the Bakeshop’s cuisine.

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The Bakeshop’s specialties though are the madly luxurious cakes and brownies. Actually, Bakeshop brownies have caused two Think employees to commit petty thievery here in the office.

I have clocked them eyeing my desk drawers hungrily during the day, and have been left snackless by the occasional late night heist on my Bakeshop takeaway. I hold no significant grudge though. Sometimes a seduction just cannot be withstood. Sandwiches 100 CZK, Brownies/cake slices 25 CZK and all types of bread at varying prices.

V Kolkovn? 2, Praha 1, Czech Republic, Tel/fax: +420 2 2231 6823, Metro: Staromestska,

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