In my opinion going on tours to Sicily is something everyone should do in their lifetime. It is one of the best holiday destinations that I have visited, and a place that I always want to go back to.

The good news is that these days Sicily tours are being offered at such a great rate that there’s no excuse not to go on one. I guarantee that if you go it will be a trip that lives long in the memory.

There are so many great things that you’ll see and do there, here are 3 of the best things you have to look forward to.

The Wine

If you’re a wine lover then a tour to Sicily is a must do. Some of the best wine in the world can be found in Sicily, you don’t have to take my word for it you can just look at how many awards the place has won. The vineyards are simply stunning; whether it be on the slope os the amazing mount Etna or overlooking the Mediterranean. They have been making wine here for thousands of years and each year I think it gets better.

The Food

Anyone who comes back from a trip to Italy will never stop talking about the food. If you meet anyone who has been to Sicily then they’ll never stop talking about it. The food in this region has a great mix of Italian, Arabic and Spanish flavours. The one thing everyone should try is cannoli, the most famous desert in Sicily.

The History

Being the largest island that the Mediterranean has to offer, this place has endless jaw dropping views, both of the ocean and the countryside. I think the best to checkout are the historic areas of Sicily, it has an incredible 5 UNESCO world heritage sites! If you only visit one then I’d recommend the valley of temples.

Sicily has something for every type of traveler; the history, the food, the wine and much more.

Have you been to Sicily or are you planning a trip soon? I would love to hear all about your experiences and tips. Please share with all of us so that we can all plan the perfect trip. Just pop your thoughts in the comment box below. Thanks for sharing guys!

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