For many of you, this news will be the first time venturing to Globeland, now that they’ve sprayed for pesky wanna-be writers. “Old Prague is dead, Long Live New Prague!” will be the cry, and here on this page I’m gonna tell you why.

Back in the ‘Olde Daze’ there really was not much a tourist/expat/traveller could call a home away from home, in fact, you could count them all on one hand. And in those days, simplicity was king, especially when compared to eating monkey burgers on Vaclavak.

But as we all now, things change. I personally could never eat at the Old Globe, after a couple of tries to chomp down horse-food dry muslix or hamburgers, and that coffee machine needed a serious pipe-cleaning. But thank the heavens for the New Globe and a splendid, created-from-scratch new menu! Now you can seriously eat, and all at an affordable price in a splendid atmosphere.

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The kitchen does wonderful things with eggs, and if you’ve favorite isn’t on the menu, just ask and they’ll do it. The salads are divine, try the chicken salad, spiced just perfectly and served on a bed of fresh lettuce. My favorite is the chef’s recommendation; The Chicken Sandwich.

But this is not just any sandwich and if I have to eat another Crocodile, I’ll kill! No, this is a masterpiece; crumbly goat’s cheese, sundried tomatoes, sprouts and a tangy sauce. All the plates are served with a side of your choice of pasta salad, cous cous or potato salad. And the best part is the price; the most expensive item on the menu will set you back 130Kc or less.

They also have a full range of Home-baked goods like brownies, muffins, chocolate croissants and a maple pecan danish which should be classified as a controlled substance! Sit on the balcony, by the windows, or for those of you killing your livers, they have more booze than WC Field’s could handle. And the reason that keeps me coming back; a nice, bitterless cup of kava, served quickly and with a smile.

There’s also the English-language secondhand bookstore and internet access at 10 terminals. There aren’t any Harlequin romance novels here but there is the Marquis de Sade, unused (Hey, you can’t take books through the cafe. What? You want to read it on the toilet?).

Boasts to be the hub of Prague’s “expat” literary and art scene with occasional poetry readings, storytellings and book launches as well as rotating art exhibits by who other than members of our very own English speaking community?

Caffeine in every form derived from that lucid bean turned beverage, coffee. And food. Supposed to be good, but I don’t know because I can never afford it.

But you better hopen the Cook’s in a good mood so you don’t leave with the runs (love you, S). BIG bulletin board if you’re looking for a flat or have something you want to sell.

Open ’til the witching hour, don’t forget the great karaoke nights on Saturday, but make sure to reserve a seat, it fills up!

Pstrossova 6, Prague 1, Tel: +420 2491 6264, fax: +420 2491 6301, Metro: Narodni trida, Tram: 6, 9, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 51, 54, 58,

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