Chicago is a huge and diverse American city, so why do so many visitors see the same attractions over and over? From the iconic Chicago Bean to Navy Pier, there is a limit to what most travelers will experience. Here are a few unusual ways to spend the day like a Chicago native, or at least dig in as an experienced tourist.

Explore with a Bike Tour 

We all know that Chicago is a bit complicated to navigate and cabbies can be expensive, so give the environment a break and try out a bike tour. You will get the opportunity to see more of the city, learn about unusual stops and get in a bit of great exercise too! Fork and the Road offers a unique mesh of delicious food stops and sightseeing, all designed around a specific theme. Consider snatching tickets for the “Architect’s Diet” or “Vegging Out” for your Chicago bike tour.

Experience the Supernatural

Prepare to be creeped out by Supernatural Chicago! Hosted in a building supposedly haunted by several residents who died in the 1871 Chicago fire, the show engages the audience with tales of Chicago paranormal. Mix that with a bit of improv comedy, psychic demonstrations, magic shows and haunted houses and we believe you will find yourself terrified and entertained at the same time. During October, showtimes extend to Saturdays as well as the usual Friday night showtimes.

Old School Music



Image via Flickr by Proxy Indian


Offering weekly concerts and events, the Old Town School of Folk Music has also offered 700 types of music and dance classes to the community for over 50 years. The West Old Town School Building (4544 N. Lincoln Ave.) offers an authentic example of historical Art Deco architecture – built in 1929-31, it was the Hild Branch Public Library until it was purchased by the nonprofit group, Old Town School of Folk Music, in 1998. You may want to peruse some Chicago hotels online so you can find some place nearby and fully enjoy the experience.

Dining Underground


Image via Flickr by star5112


What is a better Chicago attraction you’ve never heard about, than an event no one hears about? Don’t worry, underground dining doesn’t mean you will experience food in a claustrophobic, windowless basement. Nope. Underground dining includes a secret mailing list and only those deemed a guest will be in the know on where and when to show up. Experience a food-forward and unpretentious dining experience with groups like X-marx or other super secret supper clubs.

Off to see the Wizard



Image via Flickr by swanksalot


If you’ve seen Millennial Park a thousand times already, then it’s time you explore some other points of nature in Chicago. OZ Park provides some amazing photo ops for visitors with huge statues of the popular characters from the Wizard of OZ, built in honor of Chicago native, L. Frank Baum. Check out Dorthy’s Playlot and the Emerald Gardens, as well as water fountains, tennis courts and more.

We hope you enjoy your next trip to Chicago even more with this push toward discovering the hidden aspects of the Windy City.



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