Do you have a friend getting married soon? We all know what that means: it’s time for the infamous stag or hen party! This is a weekend where the guys (stags) or gals (hens) go away for the weekend together with the sole intention of partying it up for the bride or groom-to-be! It’s their last chance to go crazy as a single person, after all. If you live in Europe, you’re in luck that there are such cheap flights to different cities, that it’s so easy to travel somewhere for the weekend. One of the best destinations for stag and hen parties is Prague, Czech Republic. Not only is it easily accessible from pretty much everywhere, but also it’s got a great nightlife scene and is cheaper than many other European cities. So read on for some of the best aspects of Prague and how it can make your stag or hen weekend a smashing success!

Party life

There’s no question that Prague has got a party and nightlife scene unlike any other around. Many people go there for the weekend because it’s cheaper than other cities nearby. Because they use the Czech koruna rather than the euro, you will save money on food, drinks and accommodations while you’re here. And there are some of the best nightclubs in all of Europe. Don’t miss Karlovy Lazny, a five-story club that’s hopping all night long. They play a different kind of music on each level so you’ll never be bored there. You can always change up the scene by just going to a new level. You can also find underground pubs and rocking clubs all throughout the city. Your stag or hen party can go all night, every night in Prague. And why not take the chance to dress up for the occasion? Since it’s your friend’s last change to really go all out as a single person, make it special. For those hen nights, you can snag a naughty school girl costume for a fun costume night out that will really grab attention and get you those free drinks!


Prague doesn’t only have an awesome party scene. It has some of the most gorgeous architecture and things to see in all of Europe. So during the daytime, go sightseeing around this incredible city and take in the spires that have given Prague its nickname. The Old Town will take your breath away with its gorgeous and elaborate buildings, and you’ll feel like you have just stepped back in time. Depending on the time of year you visit, you might run into some amazing traditional Czech markets. Christmastime is an especially great time to visit because the city is just filled with snow, Christmas markets, hot mulled wine and twinkling lights. Easter and fall are also times where festive markets pop up around the city. So make Prague your destination for your stag or hen party, and you’ll get more than just a party night. You’ll have a full experience with your friends that you’ll never forget.





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