Angola is a beautiful African country that has been through its share of pain, having endured years of warfare. But this country has so many gems to be discovered, since it has been virtually untouched by tourists for most of its existence. Tourism has only started in Angola since around the 1970’s, so the country is still very remote and unexplored. But the country is developing at a rapid rate, with technology such as drone delivery and mobile learning helping to spread the availability of education along with some new philanthropists of Angolan origin. Many of the cities in Angola have a high level of crime so it’s important to use common sense, and not be out alone at night. Read on for some great things to do on a trip to Angola:


Kissama National Park

If you love nature, you’re going to love Angola. This country feels untouched and the nature is absolutely exquisite. This national park is the best place in the country to visit the most abundant wildlife you can find. The gorgeous coastal savannah lands are filled with antelopes, water buffalo, elephants, sea turtles and many other native creatures. This park originally began as a nature reserve but was upgraded to national park status in 1957. It’s one of the core places in the country that is aimed at helping to regenerate the endangered wildlife in Angola. Many animals were poached and became endangered during the years of civil was in the country. There were actually animals air lifted into the national park in a movement called Operation Noah’s Ark, and this helped to jumpstart the wildlife population in Angola.

Tunda-Vala Volcanic Fissure

This impressive natural landmark was one spectacular sight that wasn’t negatively affected by the civil war in Angola. This volcanic fissure can be found on the way to beaches of Namibe, a definite must-see in Angola, a country with some gorgeous coastlines. The volcanic fissure itself is an adventure to experience. You can climb 2.6 km above sea level to get some incredible views of the ocean below.


The city of Luanda is very fascinating and full of cultural sights. There are lots of old colonial churches to be found amidst the more modern city elements. Just going for a stroll through this city will show you some amazing architectural sights. And it’s a gorgeous coastal city where you can explore museums and cultural sights in the morning, then head to the beach for the afternoon. This capital city of Angola is actually one of the most expensive cities in Africa but this doesn’t stop hoards of expats from moving here. Don’t miss a visit to the national bank of Angola which has some of the most fascinating architecture you’ll see in the city. There are lots of museums and the Museum of Anthropology is one of the most comprehensive. But one of the best things to do in this city is just take advantage of its unique and spectacular geographic location. So many places in Luanda, you can be exploring some museums or cafes and turn around for a breathtaking view of the coastline. You just can’t beat the combination of experiences to have here.

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