Moving abroad is hard and challenging. It needs a lot of planning and strategies to help you survive in a foreign country where you probably do not even know a single soul. There are several things to think about when moving though:


Most destination do not look exactly like they do on the internet, mostly they may look worse or better when you get there in person. However get as much information as you can: include the bad and the ugly to avoid disappointments. If you are using a company insist on pre visiting your destination of choice first before making the big move.


Before you start packing decide on the exact location you want to live first, if you want to be in the bustling cities like Marrakech or in a quiet beach paradise like Bali. Most social amenities are found in the cities but unspoilt tranquil tropical paradise beach can be an exceptional location so make the right choice that you would find fulfilling.


The culture of a place is another crucial point of consideration. Every area has its odds and ends, keeping an open mind is a good idea. You would like to live among warm friendly people who are not hostile to visitors. If you are thinking about moving to Morocco, then you do not need to worry about hostility as the culture is mostly hospitable and the Berber people are friendly and kind to visitors. Some cultures may shock you to the core, tempting you to book the first available trip home, so be aware of the different cultures before leaving. Learn a little bit of the language such as saying hello and goodbye or asking the direction. This shows a level of respect and appreciation for the host country, as well as helping you to move around.

THE COST OF LIVING            

The cost of living of a place may affect your finances and your way of life for the better or the worse. If you choose to live in an expensive city like Paris or New York then it’s unlikely your money will go as far as it did at home. Likewise, if you move to a poorer country somewhere like South East Asia then it will go much further. You could end up living in an amazing villa in Bali for a fraction of the cost of a small bedsit in Paris. Discover the cost of living to your destination and how to avoid overspending.  Get to know the cost of basic health facilities, cost of food and availability and also the cost of renting houses or buying one to live when you finally move. This will help you manage your finances well before you start working or invest in your new destination. If you’re only going for a shorter period (i.e. less than a year) then be sure to look into travel insurance options, as that may be more cost effective than trying to take out policies for medical treatment etc in your new homeland.


No one likes to be woken up by gunshots and bombs blowing up all over, consider the safety of your destination before making the great move. As you do your research get check all the security details of the place, political influence and stability and check if the emergency numbers really do work.  Moving abroad can be so exciting that you might forget to investigate some of the most basic things. Pay attention to country travel advisories and consult the local consulate about it, they would be happy to help.

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