Travel can be stressful, there are many organisational factors that can take away from you enjoying your holiday as much as you should, rental cars give you the freedom to choose what you want to do and puts the power into your hands in terms of your holiday and takes away much of the stress involved. There are, however, some things to remember when picking a rental car


Price is one of the most important factors when selecting the right rental car for you, there are a number of websites that offer price comparisons and others that offer things like a list of Budget rental car coupons among others. Look at these sites to ensure that you are getting the best deal for you and your family


The number of people you will be driving is an important thought, you want to comfortably have enough room for them and their bags. You may potentially have people travelling with you like family members or friends and this should come into the equation when deciding which size of car you need. Smaller cars usually have better fuel economy than large cars, but you need to make sure the car is a good size for you.

It’s also really important to consider the city you are in also because the size could have an impact on where you get to go, for example smaller European cities are much less suited to larger cars, as they have narrower streets and parking spaces.


Remember that things like an automatic transmission will come at a cost for almost all vehicles offered as rentals, however there are many other optional extras that you can choose from, but these need to be matched up with the needs of your trip. For example, if you will be doing a lot of city driving with your family you are not going to need screens in the back of the car for entertainment.



Insurance is important, particularly because you are driving a car that does not belong to you. Some insurance policies can be expensive and cover things that are not necessary. You need to weigh up the country you are in, the risks and what you can afford or not afford; you will be able to make a decision based on this.

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