The advancement of technology has done great things for the world. We are more globally connected then ever with capabilities of international calling and have a constant flow of information coming in to us. These tech updates have been great for traveling as well. When looking for tips, tricks, hacks, or whatever you need for planning your trip you can get it right off of your smart phone. In today’s world you can find Wi-Fi in more places than you can find hot water and because of that I think that having a smart phone with you while you travel is one of the best tools you can have. Here are a few reasons why:



The know all guru of the web. I can’t tell you how often I’ve used Google while on the road to look up hostel reviews or find good places to eat. You can literally find out anything you want to know on Google for preparation before you depart one locale for another.


Booking Accommodation

As you travel along the backpacker circuit, whether it is in South East Asia or South America, certain hostels have certain reputations. The more fellow backpackers you meet the more you’ll here about the best places to stay. You’ll find out which is cheapest and which ones are known for the best parties. This means they probably fill up quick. Don’t be like me and wait until you get into town to try and get a room. Once you hear some stories you like, pull out your phone and book right away. I’ve seen too many people to count do just that.



Unless you’re a digital nomad and your dependent on your laptop to do work, smart phones are a better option. They fit in your pocket. Literally taking up no space in your backpack. They have basically all the same simple, and some not so simple, functions of a computer. A phone has the capability to fit the basic tech needs of any backpacker.



I know that all possessions are replaceable, but phones are very replaceable. I can speak first hand about losing a cell phone while on the road. I think 9 out of 10 long-term backpackers can, unfortunately. If your bag gets stolen and you lose a laptop, your looking at about $1,000 to replace.  A smartphone you can find for a few hundred.


Staying In Touch

It’s such a luxury to be able to stay in touch with people back home and friends you meet on the road. You can find a great free calling app to call anyone you want no matter your location or theirs. This can make a few of those lonely nights on the road not so bad. This is a perk that you should definitely take advantage of.



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