A quick city break is always tempting, being able to get away for the weekend has never been easier. With so many people looking to get away it can some times be difficult to find a cheap deal, but they are still out there! Take a look at companies like Holiday Discount Centre. Here are some of our top tips to save money on your city break:

1) Travel at the right time

You should try to travel during the week or during off peak times. This basically means travelling at times when other people don’t want to travel, if you travel when others aren’t you will always save money. Midweek city breaks are almost always cheaper than they are at the weekend. The same applies to travelling in the low season (November, January, February) which is cheaper that the high season (September and October). Remember that if you want to travel to a major sporting event or at a weekend then you will always have to pay a higher price.

2) Book as early as possible

Booking early is always a great way to save a few pounds. Last minute deals are not the way to save money, the later you leave it to book your city break then the more expensive it will be. If you book early you may rewarded with a cheaper price.

3) Consider all types of accommodation

Sometimes if you are willing to compromise on the standard of your accommodation then your holiday does become very cheap indeed! You don’t always have to stay in a 5 star hotel to have a great holiday. If you’re serious about saving money then take a look at the lower end of the market, you can still find centrally located guest-houses and B&Bs. If you’re out exploring a city all day and night then the quality of your hotel becomes less important.

4) Be Flexible

Obviously everyone has their ideal city break in mind before they book. If the price that you are quoted is too high then try to be as flexible as possible. Try to change one or two of the following to get a better deal; dates of travel, destination, hotel quality or even the departure airport. If you’re flexible you will find many ways to bring the cost down to suit your budget.


If you follow these 4 tips then you will definitely find yourself saving money and getting a better deal on your city break. Have a great holiday!

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