Of course if you’re a red-blooded male, you would hope in your time in this bountiful country to make contact with the female community.

But the fact of the matter is that Prague Woman has now been constantly exposed to the foreign male, and the fact that you are from abroad is not enough to warrant them paying attention to you. Yes, Czech Woman has to a degree become foreigner-proof.

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To impress the female community here, being pissed and leering at the girl next to you in most cases won’t cut it. As with Woman the world over you have to have an angle and stand out from the rest of the pack. So wearing the same “Nigel’s Stag Crew” t-shirts as 15 of your mates won’t do you any favours in this town.

There are essentially two types of Woman in this town, the one who wants to meet someone nice and the one who wants to meet someone rich. With the former type, a good way to start off would be to dress smart, act pleasant and don’t be too forward when you make contact. That at least gets them listening to you.

From then on, follow up with being interesting and you should at least make a friend if not more. If the girl is interested only in wealth, and you don’t have any, then pretend you do. Come up with a cover story of how you made your money before the market crashed and say that you are presently looking to invest in business here. It helps if you’re dressed right and flash cash around.

Obviously the second approach is only for a short term fling; otherwise, you could end up being stuck with a new flatmate! The truthful approach can be more meaningful in the long run, which brings me to next month’s topic… cheating.

Happy hunting!

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