International Sports Leagues of Prague is proud to announce that they’ve got powerful balls.

Players can now check schedules, scores and standings on-line, as well as comment on other teams, upcoming games or the leagues in general.

We have also included links to the best sports sites on the web.

The ISL Fall amateur sports seasons have begun! ISL is currently preparing for the next season, even as this season gets underway. This could be the biggest season ever, with more than 50 team participants, so check it out today if you want to participate.

Our football and basketball leagues sold-out of all available spaces, while floorball and volleyball continue with strong team action on Sunday evenings. As well, our first ever season of head-to-head squash competition is underway and competition looks tough.

We would like to thank our sponsors: American Medical Centers, helping players with first aid and emergency medical care. PricewaterhouseCoopers are also playing in three of our sports leagues.

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