Does your butt get a little sore riding on those old trams through Prague? Too many old ladies in front of you in line at the potraviny? Having trouble with your Czech grammar?

Well, to put your pain in better perspective walk on over to the Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments in the Old Town (in Prague 1) and check out the stunning display of pillories, stocks, neck traps and assorted torture devices and see how easy you got it.

This educational exhibit with historical explanations in six languages showcases an extensive collection of torture devices, many of which originated during those wonderful years known as The Inquisition.

These replicas of the originals will send a shiver down the spines of all who contemplate the horrors unleashed upon mankind in the name of Religion, war or just plain ol’ sadism. Aside from knuckle-crackers and cat-o-nine tails, torture devices utilizing fire and plenty of needles await you, and if your head’s not screwed on right, the Spanish garrotta chair will fix that for you, literally driving a screw right through you skull.

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Lacking all the Asiatic specialties like bamboo-under-the-fingernail, this fine European collection has drawn over 2 million visitors in it’s travels around Europe and will only be in town until the end of summer, so check it out. And for all you ladies out there looking for new ways to torture the man in your life with out actually drawing blood, bring a notebook and pen; they’ve even got a male chastity belt!

Křižovnické nám. 1/194, Prague 1, Old Town, Tram 17, 18 and 53 – Stop Křižovnická, Tel: +420 723 360 479, +420 222 221 972 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it * Open daily 10-22

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