A backpacking adventure is one of the top experiences of many people’s lives, and for good reason. Here is your chance to see new places around the world, immerse in a completely new culture and share experiences with travelers from all corners of the globe. You’ll make connections that will shape your life in ways you never could have imagined. Any great backpacking adventure starts with some smart preparations. Follow our tips for a successful and memorable holiday:

Invest in a Quality Bag

It’s super important to carry a bag that isn’t going to fall apart after your second flight! You don’t want to have to worry about your bag ripping or about hurting your back from a badly-fitting backpack. So whether you go the backpack route or opt for some cheap Samsonite luggage, practice packing your bag and carrying it around before you go.

Get some Cash Saved

While it can definitely be cheap to backpack around the world, you won’t get too far past your doorstep without some cash handy. Work before your trip to save enough for what you’ll need and then some. You definitely want to be prepared in case the unexpected happens. Bring credit and debit cards with extra funds in case of an emergency. And wise up on the local currency so you know what you should be paying for meals, accommodations, etc. Oftentimes you can get ripped off because you’re a tourist if you don’t understand the currency.

Score Cheap Airfare

Why pay full price for an air ticket? These days, there are so many strategies and tricks for getting great deals on flights, as long as you’re willing to put in a bit of research and preparation. Site like skyscanner.com offer cheap flights, especially if you’ll be traveling around Europe. Fly on off days like during the middle of the week, and buy your ticket on Tuesday at midnight when it’s cheapest. Look into the low seasons to fly to your destinations and you’ll be sure to find cheaper deals.

Look into Accommodations

While it’s not necessary to plan out your accommodations beforehand, it can be helpful to look into places you might like to stay. If you want to stay in hostels, it’s usually fine to pick something just from walking by, but if you’re into saving major money you might want to check out Hostelworld to find the best deal. Or if you like volunteering and meeting new people, try WWOOF or Workaway where you can volunteer in exchange for food and accommodations.

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