The organic or unregulated nature of endeavor in the Czech Republic performs in letting the idea have a chance to see the light of day, but also doesn’t facilitate the enforcement of contracts that gives a venture security.

For our part we only tried to chart the course that could be followed and reflect on what’s been happening. From the free wheeling days of Cibulka, Klub X, Slovansky Dum, Fashion Club, Ujezd, Bunkr and all the mobile parties to the establishment clubs where the ages, nationalities, music styles, drug habits, and money have separated would be music lovers from one another, and been co-opted by corporate sponsorship.

Of course this was inevitable, or was it? Did Tripmag let itself be used as a tool of sponsorship and to treat its readers like a target market, while slowly de-emphasising the music?

Did drugs become an end in themselves rather than a tool for enlightenment. Did the little rise in wages deter people from starting their own businesses?

What effect did the endless digestion of crappy fashion rags with their debilitating vision of womanhood erode individuality?

And how has the acceptance by men of those stereotypes created stultifying archetypes from which they are drunkenly entrapped in? Did money hungry promoters overdo it in trying to establish monopolies in each club, detrimental to those hard working independent soundsystems and promoters to create boring overpaid stars?

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Maybe we need that sort of thing, but we also need something to provoke us, to set ourselves against. Think’s mission has always been to tell the story of what’s gone on here, and not coddle the oversensitive or beat the drums of the righteous (even if we print their letters from time to time).

Sometimes when I’m sitting there counting all my money, I think, it’s good to be American. Actually Think started like all other ‘zines, self published with no money or investment. That’s our other message, DIY.

Thanks for your strange way of showing you love us! Respect.

Shout outs to the OA’s (original advertisers); Christof from Planet Alfa, A to the K, Dan Dougherty, Hana Vajova, Martin from Ballantines, the girlfriends who put up with me every deadline, JB and the graphics all stars, Glenn Spicker, Marek Gregor (Green Lion), Nigel Rush, Dalibor Kubik, Glen Emery, Peter Mann, D Smack U, Larry Mackler and you other suckers who made this sh*t possible. Keep it young and fresh y’all.

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