I have heard more than my fair share about globalization since I was in Business school. They even devote an entire course to it. The reason being, just about every major company in the world has adopted the benefits of globalization and the economics of scale it affords. While it might make sense to place a headquarters of your company near the headquarters of your larger customers, it might not make sense to place your manufacturing or research and development offices there. We often see these types of operations being placed in lower cost countries simply to stay competitive. This is precisely why we are seeing an ever increasing number of expatriates moving abroad. “Expats”, are they are often dubbed, leave their home country to work for their employer in another country. Generally, the people who get these types of gigs are up and coming employees and marked for the fast track. Regardless of their technical prowess and business acumen, life can be difficult for them in that first year abroad.


Seems like a generic issue but it’s truly all encompassing. First, you need to negotiate a higher cost of living adjustment. Next, you need to figure out where you’re going to bank. If you move to the UK or Europe you can’t simply hold on to your bank account from the USA or Australia and think that will sufficiently meet your needs. You need a local account with direct and immediate access to cash. Then there are things like foreign exchange and the fees that can rack up when using your old credit cards in the new country. When it comes to your finance the bottom line is what matters the most. Choose cards and accounts with the lowest fees and the easiest access.


Odds are that meeting people was a lot easier back home. After all, you knew all of the hot spots and hangouts. There might even be a chance that you don’t know the local language all that well now. That’s why visiting sites like Milf Area can go a long way to helping you meet people with like minded interests. This is often one of the most difficult obstacles for an expat to overcome.


Now perhaps finding a relationship isn’t an issue for you, maybe the issue is keeping your family happy in their new surroundings. A lot of expats are later in their career, as such they tend to have a spouse and children already. They might be the ones that have the most difficulty in adjusting to the new lifestyle. It helps to set aside a certain amount of money and vacation days each year to allow them to travel back home to see family and friends. Or perhaps take some time off and travel the local area together as family.

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