Unlike in Europe’s more established fashion hubs, you can buy ready-to-wear designer creations off the shelf at reasonable prices here, if you know where to look, you’ll be more than pleased…

lvana Follova (Vodičkova 36, tel: +420 296 236 497; www.ivanafollova.com) is leading the charge. Follova works with soft silky materials, which she dyes in striking patterns and colours. The clothes are sought after by prominent Czech businesswomen and actors as each piece is unique. There are elegant evening gowns, practical office suits (from 15,000 Kč) and multicoloured knits (from 7,900 Kč).

For original designer knitwear, head to Navarila Design (Elišky Krásnohorské 4/11, tel: +420 271 742 091; www.navarita.cz). Fashion designer Martina Nevarilova specialises in everyday knitwear in an easy-care merino-polyester blend. Prices start at 2,100 Kč.

Timoure et Group IV Kolkovně 6, tel: +420 222 327 358; www.timoure.com) has a stylish range of timeless men’s and women’s clothing. Shirts cost from 2,190 Kč, silk skirts from 2,380 Kč and leather jackets from 7,900 Kč.

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Last autumn/winter’s collection from Tatiana (Dušní 1, tel: +420 224 241594; www.tatiana.cz) reflected an art deco style, with dark colours brought alive with accents of lilac, green and red. Loose tops (from 2,500 Kč), dresses (from 24,000 Kč), skirts, trousers (from 5,000 Kč), suits and coats are made from delicate wool materials.

Studio Hana Havelkova (Dušní 10, tel: +420 222 326 754; www.havelkova.com) specialises in black and white designs and has a range of stylish jackets (from 2,700 Kčl and dresses (from 2,500 Kč).

Trained in Sweden, Hana Stocklassa has been designing women’s clothing for Boheme (below right; Dušní 8, tel: +420 224 813 840; www.boheme.cz) since 1991. The basic range includes knitwear (from 2,700 Kč), white a Leather jacket will set you back 73,900 Kč.

At Max Fred (Týnská Ulička 5, tel: 420 224 826 448), fashion designer Iska Fisarkova offers a variety of designer shirts (2,800 Kč each) and wool jackets 16,000 Kč each). Another designer who is making waves is Klára Nademlýnská (Dlouhá 3, tel: +420 224 818 769; www.klaranademlynska.com), who opened her first store in Prague in 1998. Nademlýnská did her apprenticeship in the salons of Paris and a French influence is evident in her style.

Consider booking a tour of boutiques with Prague Walks (tel: +420 222 322 309; www.praguewalks.com). The company can arrange appointments and fittings with many of the city’s designers.

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