The UK is absolutely full of wonderful places to visit and you could never visit all of them in one trip. For that reason, I love to head back there as often as I can. I decided that it would be a nice idea to talk a bit more about some of the wonderful cities there. So read on to find out about a few of my very favourites.


This is the city to visit when you want to visit for history, architecture, culture, food and much more. It has quite literally everything for anyone going looking for it, like beautiful parks, museums, cafes, restaurants, markets, famous sights and great neighbourhoods to explore. At night, London transforms into a wonderland for those that love to get out and about. It’s always great to eat some Indian food, get a pint in a pub, head out to a club or even pass the time with You should also hit up some of the famous sites like big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London or St Paul’s Cathedral. London is a city where you can make your own fun, so get out explore and have a look around.


Bath has an amazing history and has been an important city since the time of the Romans. It gets its name from the famous ruins of the Roman baths there, which are definitely one of the highlights of this great city. It is truly a fascinating trip back in history and the architecture and technology of the day was very impressive, even by today’s standards. Aside from these stunning ruins you can explore the canals by boat or head to the Bath Abbey, which is also a fascinating place to explore. Bath is so pretty and I would highly recommend it to anybody.


This is definitely a city of history and you can feel it everywhere when walking down the cobbled streets of the Old Town. The Edinburgh Castle is definitely a highlight and its position on top of the hill makes it a sight that can be seen from far and wide. The city is absolutely filled with many historic buildings and places of interest and the Old and New Towns both have their own charm about them. Edinburgh is perhaps the most cultural city of Scotland and one that everyone should visit.приложение WPSeasyholes comлидов.рф мошенникиoltatravelсыпятся зубыбесплатно получить обратные ссылки