So you have decided to take a week off for a sunny getaway but rents and other things back home keep you on your toes about spending too much. Well, worry not because organising cheap holidays in Fuerteventura might be way easier than you initially expected if you follow our tried and tested guide!


Look around for a Bed and Breakfast

A cheaper alternative to hotels and tourist resorts, bed and breakfasts might help in keeping your budget lower while offering better service for the price. The local people are generally friendly and helpful so if you opt for looking around a bit extra you might find some small hidden gems which convey the full spirit of the island! As such, finding a nice bed and breakfast might be an essential step in keeping your budget in order and having cheap holidays in Fuerteventura.


Travel off season

Lots of people, lots of noise, lots of money, higher prices! If enjoying the noise and partying is your thing, then this tip is probably not the best for your intentions, however if you still plan on having some cheap holidays in Fuerteventura it is a piece of advice that might cut your budget in half. Being a touristy place, Fuerteventura is brimming with people eager to leave as much money as they are asked of by the local hotels and restaurants during high season. This means that you are better off if you book for a less busy season which will also allow you to enjoy the beaches without frantically looking for a place to leave your towel.


Avoid Touristy restaurants

Yes, the ‘we speak english’ signs and multilingual menus might be tempting but how about a real taste of Fuerteventura for less money? You can save massively while enjoying Spanish cuisine in its purest form if you keep your eyes open and ask around for restaurants frequented by locals. As with most cases, a Spanish language guide may come in handy. Take a further step and go with daily dishes and you certainly won’t be disappointed!


Use Phone Cards instead of your Mobile

If you have a look in the tourist shops and newsstands scattered throughout the island, you will certainly see the stands with international phone cards. If you still plan on having cheap holidays in Fuerteventura (or anyplace else for that matter) it would be highly advisable that you use them as despite being in Europe, international call rates and phone credit rarely go well together.


Pay with cash instead of credit cards

Opting for cash instead of paying by card is usually less expensive. The main reason for this is that you keep better control of your expenses and you won’t get charged extra for each payment as you would with most card services. Exchanging money can get a bit pricey in itself so a bit of time looking for the best exchange rate can go a long way in maintaining your goal of having cheap holidays in Fuerteventura.


Meta Description: If keeping your budget tight is a priority, our guide to cheap holidays in Fuerteventura is a must!

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