If you find yourself up Letna way, there are lots of really cool little shops on the side streets around the Arts College…

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Once such place, located next to a nail salon and across from a Vietnamese grocery is a real gem worth checking out. The Base Camp Beer Gallery. Home to hundred of kinds of beers from around the world, all at affordable prices, you can enjoy them on the premises or stock up your fridge at home. They carry a full range of great Czech microbrews, like Honey Beers, Herbal Beers and more. Craving ciders and other kinds of alchopops?

They’ve got those too, usually rotating the selection to offer you a good variety. If you’re not into alcoholic beverages, they’ve got a wide selection of nealk options available too, and I highly recommend the Ginger Beer, a favourite in the British colonies. You’ll always find a really friendly crowd hanging out, watching the huge flatscreen TV, playing music or just chatting, and the staff is untypically friendly for a Czech business… must be because they are literally working in heaven!

Base Camp pivní galerie, U studánky 253/27, Praha 7 – Bubeneč, 170 00, tel. +420 773 260 707, www.pifko.info

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