Author: Elda Hamaker

Bakeshop Praha

Don’t let the small customer space at the Bakeshop fool you. The actual kitchen is quite large and well equipped, serving up the best takeaway sandwiches, cakes, and other assorted gourmet foods in town. Their chicken sandwich with ginger/peanut sauce and served on French bread, topped off with a brownie or two, is premiere lunching without question. They do offer other sandwiches, avocado with cream cheese and tomato with pesto, that I have enjoyed, but the chicken sandwich is unquestionably the choice to make. A wide variety of salads and other vegetarian fare is offered, and I’m sure its...

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U Medvídků

U Medvídků is a classic restaurant in rustic style with an appropriate interior. An excellent place for a midday break. The food is varied, rich and Czech, and the prices affordable. Served by a waitstaff reminiscent of the struggling actors and artists of your favorite Dying Empire(tm). This good pub reminds one of the closeness of Barvarian and bohemian cultures, I would recommend the schnitzels and the mushroom chicken, but I’d stay away from the beer-cheese, (it does look curious). Bright and cheery with menus in Deutsche and English, and of course, Czech. Also, you can create some confusion...

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U Sadlu

U Sadlu is an anomaly. Take a typical Prague pub/restaurant, add happy waiters, and food that has gone Euro. The place is truly amazing. Once you can get past the writing on the menues (its in some Heiroglyphic-Old German hybrid font) you will enter a world of well-cooked, fresh meats and chicken, prepared with a staggering array of inspired Czech sauces. Its pub food that won’t sit on you for the requisite week that most pub fare does. Its pub food whose dishes don’t begin with the word “smazeny.” The best part of it is that dishes cost around...

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