Author: Elda Hamaker

Pizza Coloseum

Well, if you’ve been in Prague for any amount of time, one thing you’ll be thankful for is the presence of Italians in this city pareks and roliks…

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Pizzeria Rugantino’s

If a good old fashioned pizza parlor is what you’re looking for, where you can get a hot, steaming pie on your picnic table in a real hurry, then Rugantio’s is where you go. Both the staff and the prices here are so friendly, you might even forget you’re in Prague. The pies are thick and crispy, with a standard range of options, but I find that their meat topped pizzas are the best. The decor is country western and well lit, so unless that lovely/hunk you’re trying to seduce is partial to hayrides, it’s not the ultimate date...

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What is Think Prague?

Just the best information resource for expats, residents and visitors in Prague, written by the people who live here. Whether you’re looking for the best places to eat, from fine dining restaurants to the most noble klobasa stand, or gourmet food stores, fashion boutiques, fitness clubs, whatever, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Full of content from the pages of Think Magazine, it’s not a guide on expat relocation, or boring Prague property listings, but a place where you can discover the Czech Republic, all that’s cool about living, staying & working in Prague. Discover new parts of...

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