Traveling to Europe offers a wide-array of attractions for an even larger range of interests. From live European sporting events or traveling to the Roman Colosseum, Europe is home to a multitude of adventures. In order to help you plan out your next European adventure, we have determined a list of the top 10 uniquely European experiences that are sure to thrill and excite even the most avant-garde of travelers.


  1. Never wait in line again when you exclusively tour the Colosseum in Rome. Italy is infamous for its wine, food, and thriving historical (and current) culture. However, waiting in line can be a bore. When planning a trip to Rome, be sure to book a tour of the Colosseum that allows you to skip all of the lengthy lines, in order to truly appreciate the historic site.
  2. Take a bus tour in London. The “hop on – hop off” bus tours of London allow you to tour the city at your own pace. You can conveniently stop to take in the sites that you want to see and skip the places that are less exciting. This tailored view of the city is sure to be the perfect European get-away.
  3. Go for a ride on a gondola in Venice. Before we know it, Venice will be captured by the sea. This means that now is the time to act; now is the time to take a leisurely gondola ride through the city of Venice before it succumbs to the rising tides.
  4. A trip to Europe isn’t complete without attending a live football (soccer) match. If you are interested in viewing an exciting live football match, many countries can offer you an exciting and worthwhile match. Spain, in particular, is home to a number of professional football teams, which consistently play throughout the year. So, choose a match, buy your seats, and enjoy football like you’ve never seen it before. To up the level of excitement, you can place your bets during the game! Get into the thick of things through online betting sites, such as livescore NordicBet.
  5. Are you a history buff? If yes, then a visit to Stonehenge is the trip for you. Take in the miraculous architectural feat of this amazing stone city. But be careful, Stonehenge is rumored to be so awe inspiring that it might just take your breath away.
  6. Did you know that cabaret was born in Paris? That’s right, “Moulin Rouge” is the name of an infamous cabaret club, which first opened its doors in the 1800’s. This thriving club is still open and a must-see for any fun-seeking European traveller.
  7. Take a trip to the top of the world (or so it seems) when you visit La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. This amazing church has been in construction for centuries. It is said to be the first landmark that sailors see when they come into Barcelona’s ports.
  8. Instead of smelling the roses, visit the glorious tulip fields of Amsterdam. The tulip fields of Amsterdam are both a visual and historic trip, which is sure to tickle your senses with the overwhelming beautiful sight and smell of fields upon fields of blooming tulips. Go during Spring and take a beautiful and unforgettable bicycle ride around the city.
  9. Visit the Scottish Highlands. Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Taking a trip to the Scottish Highlands is like visiting no other place on Earth; it is sure to leave you breathless with wonder and delight.
  10. Reach out and touch the stars when you climb to the top of the Alps. If you are an avid adventure seeker, then a trip to the Alps is the perfect European adventure for you. Be sure to book a knowledgeable guide and purchase all of the necessary gear.

No matter where you decide to roam, Europe is home to some unique adventures that are sure to create long-lasting and amazing memories.


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