One of the cleaner and better run fitness centers in town, and it’s practicality for those working in the center, or living in Holesovice…

Besides the regular fitness facilities there is a sauna, a solarium, and a swimming pool. Because it’s so reasonably priced (one crown, one minute, minus 10 minutes for changing time!), it can get pretty crowded right after work Monday through Thursday.

The music is generally crap (bring your own), and the staff has way too little to occupy itself with, but it has remained a place for both men and women to work out comfortably, and it’s not competitive to get on the machines.

They continually renovate to accommodate more people, and hopefully they will buy some new bicycles soon. A well stocked refreshment bar also helps keep cool and fueled.

YMCA Na Porici 12, Praha 1 Trams 14, 5, 8, Metro nam. Republiky Tel: +420 2 2487 5811,, Fitness 1Kc, 1 min. Solarium Horizontal 9Kc 1 min. Pool 1.1Kc. 1 min. Sauna 1.9Kc min. Hours 9am to 10 pm

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