By far and away the most fun that myself and my family have had on a holiday are the times that we have gone camping. This type of holiday is perfect for families because you get to spend a lot of time with each other, you can have so much fun doing activities in nature and the way of life is so different from the norm, that everyone has to find new ways of doing things like cooking, cleaning and bathing. The UK has a huge array of destinations which you could choose for your camping trip, but for me camping in Cornwall is the absolute best, and somewhere which we have returned to time and time again. To convince you further, here is what you can expect when you go camping in Cornwall.



What I love about Cornwall is that it offers the very best of British nature. On the one hand you have the beautiful and scenic coastline, rugged and full of adventure and stunning vistas and other the other hadn’t you have the thick vegetation in the forest which is just a stone’s throw from the coast. Most of the campsites which you will find in Cornwall are set in the heart of the woody forests, with just a short drive out to the coast.


Whether your kids love on land fun such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and abseiling or fun on the water with kayaking, surfing and sailing, they can indulge all of these desires here in Cornwall. All of the campsites which I have visited in Cornwall have been very close to the action and there are many activity centers throughout the county which have loads of fun adventures on offer.


Once you get out of the campsite and start exploring more of Cornwall you will realize just how much beautiful food there is to try in this region, particularly the seafood. In fact much of the fish and seafood which is brought in by the trawlers each day usually ends up on the plates of the wealthy in some of the UK’s finest restaurants. When you are here however, you can enjoy this fresh seafood and fish for a fraction of the price, and far fresher than anyone else is likely to get it. Beyond the wonderful delights of the sea you and the family can also indulge with some glorious clotted cream and the finest Cornish pasties that you are ever likely to try in your life.

Quiet and Peaceful

Whilst the kids will adore the number of activities which they can do here in Cornwall, parents will adore the tranquility of the place, especially in the campsites which are of course set away from the action. Cornwall makes for the perfect place to relax and recharge those batteries before heading back to the real world.

This is the campsite which we like to stay in when we are in Cornwall, I would certainly recommend it.

Perran Springs Holiday Park