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5 Reasons to Take Your Kids Camping 

My wife and I often joke that regardless of where we take our kids on a  summer vacation, they always seem to love our UK camping trips more. In fact last year we took the kids to Florida, a trip of a lifetime which cost a lot of money, yet they did seem far more happy when we took a camping trip a month later, which as you can imagine cost significantly less. For my family camping in Cornwall is the best place simply because of the nice weather, the amazing range of campsites and the variety of activities....

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Looking For a Camping Destination? Look No Further Than Cornwall

By far and away the most fun that myself and my family have had on a holiday are the times that we have gone camping. This type of holiday is perfect for families because you get to spend a lot of time with each other, you can have so much fun doing activities in nature and the way of life is so different from the norm, that everyone has to find new ways of doing things like cooking, cleaning and bathing. The UK has a huge array of destinations which you could choose for your camping trip, but for...

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5 African Myths Debunked

I have spent the last 8 years of my life traveling around Africa, and I have had the greatest time that I could ever have imagined. It pains me therefore when I hear people suggest that they won’t go to Africa, because of numerous reasons which they give, that simply are not true, or at least not in my experience. For me this is a culturally rich and diverse continent which should certainly be explored by anyone who loves to travel, there is simply so much to see. Whether it is a Uganda gorilla safari, climbing Kilimanjaro, watching the...

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