If you enjoyed the cute mockumentary Rexpatriates you will certainly feel the same twinge of zeitgeist from the early expats in Prague scene. Created as a pilot show for what was to become a series on cable TV, it was not to be, and the only place you would have seen it is at the old REPRE club, where the house was full and the glasses drank empty. You’ll recognise a lot of the old Beef Stew poetry crowd at Radost FX, so bust out your moleskin and see if you’re one of them.

I’m posting this now, but can’t recall where the original video file came from or when it was received. Glenn Emery stars for a smile… there’s a nice collection of Prague’s brightest, so check it out on Youtube and enjoy…


If anyone knows more about this, or who made this, be sure to share in the comments below! Windows Performance Stationhow to get to kazanлетние балеткилобановский харьков класссамые лучшие планшетыon spend101otzyv