Unless you’re living in India, it’s pretty tough to be a cow these days.

Living in a factory farm with all the terror that that implies must be pretty frightful thing, quite enough to put one in a really bad mood should you happen to be a cow, or a compassionate human for that matter.

For the millions cows in the EU, anything can happen to you, and there have been no specific regulations created to protect them from cruelty or harm, nothing like the welfare rules that have already been put into place for other farm creatures like pigs and chickens.

To help address that, the fun and lovable dessert makers Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and Compassion in World Farming, to call for new rules to be put in place immediately. This series of viral adverts produced by Nice and Serious are circulating to raise awareness, so that you too can do your part to help change this tragic situation and make the #moodycow happy once again. You can find and sign the petition at www.happycows.eu

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