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Remember in your social dealings that, unlike English, the titles slečna, pan, pani corresponding to Miss, Mr., and Mrs. should be used as an independent forms of address with or without the person’s name.

HOW MUCH SHALL I PAY? (beginner)

C: How much shall I pay?

S: 356 crowns. Don’t you have any change?

C: Unfortunately not, I have just a five hundred crown banknote.

S: Nevermind, I will solve it in some way.

C: Please remove the drawer from around my hand. It hurts.

S: I am sorry, I must find the change as you do not have any change.

C: I do not want to buy this anymore. I want to go home.

S: I am sorry, but you may not put this back, you must buy it.

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C: Good day!

S: Good day! What do you want?

C: Please, I would like a summer jacket, size 50.

S: You can choose here please. We have a jacket in grey.

C: Is that my size? Yes? Do you have any other jackets?

S: Yes, we have this jacket in grey or that jacket in grey. Also we have another jacket. It is grey.

C: It suits me. I will buy it. How much shall I pay?

S: 1540 crowns. Don’t you have change?

I WANT TO EAT (intermediate)

C: Good day! Do you still have a table free?

W: No. They are all reserved for dinner.

C: Ah. I am sorry to hear that. But it is now only three o’clock in the afternoon.

W: It is no matter. They are all reserved.

C: Yes, but I am the only person in the restaurant.

W: Very well. You may sit, but I will ignore you until you leave.

C: Thank you.

W: Not at all!

AT THE POST OFFICE (intermediate)

C: Good day! I wish to buy a stamp for my letter. How much will it be?

P: I do not know. You must have your letter weighed. You must go to window 5.

C: Good day! I wish to have my letter weighed. I want to buy a stamp.

P: This window is for governement letters only. You must go to window 27.

C: Good day! I wish to have my letter weighed.

P: This window is for European mail only. You must go to window 11.

C: I need to have my letter weighed.

P: This window is for business letters only. You must go to window 17.

C: Please weigh my letter.

P: Your letter weighs 3 grams. Go to window 2 for your stamp.

C: Good day! My letter weighs 3 grams. I would like to buy a stamp.

P: It is not possible now. I am on the break. You must come back tommorrow.

ON THE PHONE (advanced)

G: Hello! This is Gyuri speaking. Tomaši, how are you?

T: Hello Gyuri! I am well, thank you. But I do not hear you so well.

G: I am speaking to you here on my portible phone. I am standing in front of my BMW which is parked in the street. I wait for my colleague Petr, who brings me plastic shoes to sell in my store.

T: Ah! You are quite lucky to have a friend as Petr. He can provide many plastic shoes to you.

G: Yes! Excuse me please, but the Police are here. They wish for me to move my car, they say there is a driver who wishes to pass. I will have the driver killed and I will give money to the police and they will go away.

T: You are very clever, Gyuri. This is why you have many plastic shoe stores!

G: I agree! But now I must go Tomaši. It is raining and my jogging suit becomes wet. Goodbye!

T: Goodbye!

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