The French influence is definite, and it’s rarely home to groups of rowdy piss artists. The only draught beer is Velvet, and most people come here for a decent cup of coffee, the type of conversation where you actually want to hear what other people are saying, or to pretend to read Proust.

Also a good stop for the hungover. There’s no live jazz anymore but LIVELY rooms, definitely a sensory place. My first impression coming in was that I was back home in Alabama and could smell mom’s vanilla candles. Two rooms. When I was there’s, the lowlit backroom had a voluptuous array on the bar: a mountain of candles, apples, jars of olives, honey.

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Guinness on tap. Espresso, Cappuccino and hot chocolate priced right will keep you warm on cold winter days, and the proud wine menu boast Czech wines and exotics: Californian, French, Spanish (Bordeaux).

Entering its little alcove entrance was a bit intimidating, but Jazz č.14 Cafe quickly opens up into a rustic room with varied table and chair sets that resemble an eclectic bazaar, creating the feeling that each piece of furniture has its own story to tell. During a sunny day the cafe’s windows fill the place with natural and calming light, and at night its deep wooden furniture, alcove-lined walls for seating, and soft lighting are beautifully smothered in the smoky sounds of jazz. The faded beige walls are covered with pictures of jazz greats and mirrors, and its softly arched roof literally raises the place to another level.

The menu includes a variety of non-alcoholic drinks for about 20 crowns each; various alcoholic beverages such as beers, wines, cognacs, whiskeys and liqueurs; and for the hungry, snack foods are available, such as bread, pastries, chocolate, nuts, and salads, ranging from one crown to 35 crowns respectively. Good in the day but exponentially better at night, Jazz c.14 Cafe is a hidden treasure that softly beckons during the day with a whisper that slowly grows into a wail of jazz instrumentals as night encroaches.

Sandwiches and snacks on sale to closing. Also for sale at the counter: sesame and other oils, Free for a Moment, Good Mood and other strange-named teas, honey, natural foods. Be sure to check out the Fashion Gallery as well, feating local design superstar Nikkita.

Opatovická 14. Praha 1, Tel.: +420 222 492 003, Metro: Narodni trida, Trams: 9, 18, 22, 23

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