It’s always been hard for me to tell the difference between denial and what used to be known as hope. As surely as the chicken sh*t President decided to come out on the side of the Peruvian government in the ‘little soiree’ they’re havin’ down there, Think enters the new year equally committed to textually reinforcing the regeneration of underground in these times, when we should all know better. It’s all been done before, they say.

As if all of existence is a set of demographic generalizations that predetermine what you are or at least what you’ll buy. Go out to a few clubs and scenes in Prague and try to break them down into categories, will it tell you anything about the dreams and ambitions that silently mingle between two beats of an sampled snare drum.

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Why do people here mix together in ways they would never do back home? Why are there no bullsh*t scenes here like in cities of more international stature where you had to be a blood relative to gain entrance into a club?

It has lasted a long time here that way, but the temptation towards exclusivity is tempting for the insecure, or self important. This city of transient elements, with promoters who dig inclusivity and take chances, our humble community has one of the vibrant and true to the spirit scenes in Europe, which by extension would make us world class. Now these are generalizations!

Fortunately, the scalawags and philistines will always be marginalized because sh*t’s just too dynamic, and eventually even they will want to leave and go somewhere else. I smiled. Thanks to all who supported us way back in ’96, and even to those who ran our asses like the Indianapolis 5000, for the wisdom gained and the friends we’ve made.

I don’t even have to hype this year.

Test pattern stare.

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