Located in a little passage right off the street on the same side of and down about a block and a half from Lucerna.

Ambient atmosphere. VERY difficult to find a seat. The experience is rewarding if you do. Like all the cajovnas in town(And there are many more that deserve mention here. Find them!!), a full menu of just teas – Czech or English, the tea men are good at guessing – and a few snacks.

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Quality teas from every corner of the earth (also for sale by the bag at the counter for addicts like myself, to have at hand in our own kitchens.)

Tea is served in lovely pots on your own personal tray, in tiny matching cups that ensure you don’t drink the whole pot in one gulp. Don’t just sit there staring at your pretty menu. That bell is made for ringing. And ring is what to do. And when you ring that bell, some tea will come to you.

Teas range from 30 to 65 Kc.


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