The actual eating experience leaves one feeling satisfied and, if you have enough of their healing wines, in a state of ultimate bliss. The self-described “Oriental tearoom and restaurant” has over 51 varieties of tea, ranging from your basic Vietnamese Green Tea for 30Kc to a tea sampler that purports to be a “traditional Chinese drink for conversation”.

It is a powerful combination of five green teas, but be wary; this sampler comes with a bold warning “Drink This Tea Slowly,” and you’d better, if only to fight off the bad vibes from the waitstaff.

Thank god for the food. I do suppose the knowledge you work in a place that gets the menu’s choice selections so incredibly right might give one a little bit of a god complex.Maly Buddha menu delivers staples such as Prawn Soup, Spring Rolls and fairly decent Thai noodles for 90Kc.

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Their soups and salads start at 30Kc, while the Main Courses range from 46Kc to 216Kc. Don’t even think of moving on to the 50Kc desert menu until you have had Maly Buddha’s special, “Crocodile or Shark with Garlic and Chili Entree”, mmmm… that’s good.

Finish your meal with a Turkish Coffee and fried bananas and you won’t even mind the unpredictable service. Maly Buddha gets quite a crowd for their mid-sized dwelling, so try to get in there early. You may be able to follow the herd as they waddle up the steep Nerudova street in Mala Strana.

Or perhaps, escape them for some lunch with a waiter with attitude. In truth, their take-out menu is the way to go when the place is packed, but be aware; if you want a plastic fork, it costs 10Kc. Love it. Reason to go: Because Prague is the center of the universe.

Malý Buddha, Úvoz 46, Praha 1, Hradčany, Czech Republic, Tel: +420 2 2051 3894, Mobil: +420 60470 9379, Open Tuesday through Sundays

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