Over the past decade Marrakech has been completely transformed, no longer is it seen as dusty destination for backpackers. It is easily one of the most luxurious destinations that North Africa has to offer. To see the quality of the place you just have to take a quick glimpse at Marrakech hotels, they are extremely luxurious ad the best part is that they are reasonably priced! But it’s not only the great accommodation that you can look forward to, this city has a huge amount to offer to tourists.

Here are 3 things you must do when you leave the comfort of your hotel:

 Visit the square

The square is the place to go if you want to experience one of the most vibrant places that you are ever likely to visit. It has been made famous by a few hollywood movies so it will be no surprise if you find it a familiar place. There you will be able to marvel at the spectacle put on by the snake charmers, the beats of the drummers, the spice sellers and of course the dancers. At one time the square looked like it was destined to fade away until the local people took it upon themselves to campaign to save it, thankfully their plan worked and the square is alive and kicking – do not miss it!

Seeing the sites

There are a number of sites all in close proximity to one another which makes a day of site seeing very rewarding indeed. If I was you I would make a point of visiting the Koutoubia Mosque which is absolutely breathtaking. Then head over to the Jardin Majorelle which is a botanical garden. After a day of exploring you will have definitely earned a rest, so head over to one of the upmarket hotels and indulge yourself in some local spa treatment.

Hit the souk

It’s the place to haggle and pick up some great little pieces for your home. There are winding alley ways where you will find souks, souks are like little market shops. You will be able to buy anything from spices to vases and carpets to silk. Remember to haggle the price down and only pay what you are happy with. Don’t be put off by the aggressive tone that you might sometimes be confronted with, it’s just the local way of getting a deal done.

I know that you will have the holiday of a lifetime in Marrakech, I hope you love every minute of it as much as I did!





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