There are multiple ways in which you can make coffee at home and when deciding on a coffee machine there is much to consider. You have to bear in mind what kind of coffee you like to make, how much time you have to dedicate to doing so and also how much money you are looking to spend, as some machines can cost a pretty penny.


One of the most commonly used machines for making coffee is a pod-loading machine like the Nespresso, where you simply one of the coffee capsules, load up the water, hit and button and watch the coffee pour. Whilst coffee purists aren’t enamored with this method of making a cup of coffee, there are in fact a great many benefits to enjoying your cup of Joe in this way.

Speed and Ease

It is fair to say that instant coffee is becoming a thing of the past based on people raising their standards in terms of flavor, but that doesn’t mean that people still don’t want great tasting coffee at speed. A coffee machine like this is the ideal solution and even if you are in a rush you can simply load up a pod, hit the button and then get your things together as the coffee is made. This is the fastest route to great tasting coffee in the home.


It is unlikely that you are going to be interested in buying 20 bags of different coffees to sample, but with one of these machines you can have 20 small capsules of different coffee, to enjoy whenever the wind takes you. This is a highly practical way of trying and enjoying a broad range of different coffees and other hot drinks. Most companies will sell a selection box of flavors, the perfect way to both enjoy and try out new coffees.


Most coffee makers like the French press or a moka pot don’t provide you with the chance to make hot, frothy milk but with one of these machines you can most certainly do it. A cappuccino for example will be made using two pods, the first for the coffee and the second to add that delicious creamy layer of hot and frothy milk for the perfect coffee drinking experience.

Multiple Options

Many talk about how lovely it is to offer people a freshly made espresso after a meal at a dinner party, but sometimes you will have people who want different things and that is where the machine comes into its own. You could easily make 6 completely different coffees for your guests, doing so in next to no time and ensuring that everyone can get what they want after a meal, rather than missing out.

These coffee making machines create a very high quality cup and they do so without asking much of you at all. The added benefit of being able to have a big range of coffees in your house is also a very attractive feature of a machine like this, and it something which you are going to love once you get your hands on it.