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The Sultan of Brno

Beautiful Brno

So you've been in Golden Praha, how many months? Or years? Decades? And last time you called home the folks still asked you what? “What is life like in chwechoslovaaakia?”

And you said what? That Prague’s like a combination of Boston with the Irish pubs and Atlanta with Byelorussian lawyers ripping their lingerie off, but for a little less money! And what else do these girls do for you? Phooooaaaaagh! No way maaaan! “And did you meet any nice local girls son, I hear these slavish women are beautiful…”

“Well dad, I’ve met Megan, Nancy, Henny, Shannon...”



Best Places For A First Date

So you met someone. Either online, or through a friend, or even during a chance encounter, and now you want to see if there is something more there. The first date has a lot riding on it and it’s not something we want to take...

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