Author: Elda Hamaker

U Sadlu II

The popular restaurant U Sadlu has set up another location in Vinohrady. Those that are used to the location off Namesti Republiky might be a little disappointed in the decor as it lacks the stained glass windows and attention to decorative detail that its initial location offers. The new place feels more like a business venture than a bacchanalian dungeon and that’s unfortunate. But they have transplanted the eccentric and bold menu. My favorite category makes an allusion to apocalyptic meat, which, with the current dual crisis of Mad Cow and Foot and Mouth ravaging the continent, might make...

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Palac Akropolis

It’s nothing compared to drowning, all the oxygen leaving your lungs… Akropolis, a cool place with dual language menus and clientele, a good deal of good food with a good price and conveniently located next door to Palac Akropolis, a popular performance space. “Why do you like Akropolis?” directed at the pretty woman on my right, “Because the food is good and cheap. They have the best Smaz (fried cheese) in town.” “What do you think of the clientele?” “A little bit dodgy. I think there’s a lot of drugs going on in this place,” followed by a conspiratorial...

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Kavarna Velryba (The Whale)

Right down street from the Jazz Bar, also near Tesco. A smoky backroom, semi-subterranean upstairs with that sweet, sweet smell… Art gallery downstairs with skylights: different rotating local shows. Three rooms, each with a different feel. Painstakingly painted triangles (thousands of them) form the wall’s motif, this is an arty cafe, with a vegetarian friendly menu, quiet and cool by day, a see and be seen joint at night. Best price on absinthe in town. Cheap Becherovka, Espresso, teas, Hot chocolate, juice and wine any day of the week will suit you and the weather’s moods perfectly. Opatovická 24,...

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